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Personal Use:
Comercial Yse:
Academic and Editorial:
Electronic Media:
Printed Media:
Multiple Use:
Perpetual Rights:
International Use:
No Printing Limits:
Website Design:
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Digital Reselling:
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Transferable Rights:
Any use that is not public or commercial
Promotion, advertising and business identity
Books, magazines, newspapers, academic projects, etc.
Websites, software, CD-ROM, screensavers, video and broadcasting
Framed art, postcards, calendars, mousepads, handcrafts, etc.
Use in multiple and unlimited projects
Usage rights of the image do not expire
Use the image without geographical limitations
Use in unlimited number of prints and variety
Design or illustration in size no greater than 1200 x 800 pixels
Must not be included in a photo gallery or for digital download
Resale of digital image, original or modified, is not permitted
License does not include exclusive use rights
Usage rights of the image are non-transferable

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