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Terms of Service provides its services based on the following Terms of Service (TOS), which may change without notice. For questions or comments, or to access the latest version of our TOS, please send us an email, or access the following link:

1. Service Description: provides a variety of information and entertaining Services online and through printed media. Any expense generated in order to access our website is responsibility of the user. There could be a charge for phone line connection, Internet service, air time, etc. The user assumes all related expenses, including the computer system required to access our Services. All areas of our website are free from obscene, violent and degrading material, so every family member may access our website without limitation.

2. Publishing Rules:

a) When you upload your photos to our website, you grant non-exclusive publishing rights on any digital or printed media. To use them and modify them for our website design and promotion, as well as any non-for-profit event, including tourist promotion. You remain the absolute owner over your digital images copyright, and this agreement does not imply any consent granted for commercial use, neither by or any third parties.

b) Publishing your photos creates no contractual relation between you and We may stop their publication online or replace them as part of our website's development without further notice. You may also ask for your images to be removed from our server and database at any given time and no reason needs to be provided.

c) is considered free media for cultural, artistic and tourist promotion and interchange. All legal and moral responsibility, including copyright violation, is on the user who uploaded an image or group of images.

d) As part of the maintenance and development of our website, may get involved in financial activities, including sales or donations, but under no circumstance will we use any image without a written consensual agreement where you provide explicit authorization for commercial use of your copyrighted material.

e) takes copyright very serious. If you find on our website a copyrighted image that belongs to you, and you never authorized its use for publication, please get in touch with us and provide all possible information to substantiate your claim.

3. Terms of Use:

a) All material published on may not be reproduced nor used commercially without explicit consent from the copyright owner, as well as consent from

b) All images may be freely used for any cultural, educational, tourist promotion or entertainment, only when this is not a for-profit activity.

c) You may publish our images on other websites, as long as these are not commercial in nature. Individuals, non-profit organizations, cultural, educational and government websites, may use them without any notice requirement.

d) Those websites that are commercial in nature may use our images only on your website's non-commercial areas. It's illegal to use our images on any for-profit activity, if there is no written consent between you and the copyright holder. Please add a link to, as well as credits to the copyright owner.

e) To make any commercial use or to publish of any image from on any digital or printed media, you will need a written agreement where the copyright holder grants this benefit. may take any necessary steps to guarantee compliance with copyright laws.

f) When you access our website and make use of our images, you are obligated to abide by these TOS. All material is copyrighted and any violation will have legal consequences.

(Updated: April 26, 2009.)

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AVISO: Por casi diez años hemos servido como una plataforma para que usuarios y visitantes compartan fotos de múltiples países. Sin embargo, la crisis actual nos ha orillado a no poder más solventar los gastos operativos de varios de los sitios web que conforman nuestra red. Por ello, en mayo de 2019 cerrará sus puertas este proyecto integrador que tuvo como inspiración contribuir a un mayor autonocimiento y hermandad de los pueblos de América Latina. Hemos marcado en color gris los enlaces a los sitios web que cerrarán sus puertas, mientras que los sitios que seguirán abiertos están en azul.

Si eres un usuario que ha compartido fotos en alguno de los sitios que dejarán de operar: Con gusto te podemos enviar un respaldo de tus imágenes en la resolución máxima con que las has subido, sin costo alguno, así como la relación de lugares y títulos compartidos. Solo envíanos un mensaje con tus datos para informarte sobre el procedimiento a seguir a más tardar el 31 de mayo de 2019. Pasada esta fecha, los archivos y registros serán removidos de forma permanente.