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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are a non-profit organization. Are we allowed to print out a bulletin using some of your pictures?
» Our photos may be freely used for any kind of cultural, educational or tourist activities, as long as it is non-profit. For complete information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

2. We have a commercial website, which features a cultural section. We would like to include some pictures of United States.
» Our photographs can be used in your website's cultural section. They may be shrunken down in size or have special effects, but we do not allow you to erase our logo, the copyright symbol or the photographer's name. Our photos are protected by international copyright laws and conventions, as well as registration with the copyright office, and any violation to these terms will have legal consequences.

3. How can I buy photos from your website?
» We are finishing the testing phase of our new shopping cart, where you will be able to buy photos from those photographers that participate in our sales program.

4. How can I publish some pictures I took on a trip to United States?
» Complete information can be found under How to Publish Your Pictures.

5. Why is my town not represented in the galleries?
»'s goal is to include each and every possible city, town and natural place in United States. Even though some of the people that uploads their pictures spent quite some time taking photos of cities and landscapes, it virtually impossible to travel each place in the country. This task also relies on you, if your town or city is not yet represented on the website's galleries, then take your own photos and become an active member of by showing your place to the world!

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